St. Kitts Sampling Report – Blood Samples – Birds Released Unharmed

Report on the birds sampled on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies, April 19-24, 2012

Dr. Robert E. Ricklefs, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dr. Steven Latta, National Aviary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ms. Leticia Soares, Graduate Student, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Ms. Maria Pil, Graduate Student, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Mr. Mark Ludlow, PhD Student, University of Wales – Trinity Saint David, Wales, United
Kingdom & Oualie Bay, Nevis

Localities sampled:
Turtle Bay back area
Major’s Bay Pond area
Zipline on the Wingfield River
Muddy Pond area
Historic Fort Thomas Hotel grounds

Species sampled and number of samples taken (ca. 10 microliters of blood in lysis buffer plus one blood smear on a microscope slide:

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